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The 10 Best Cities for Accessible Living

Angie Bersin

With Global Accessibility Awareness Day this month, we took a look at the most accessible cities throughout the country. The Social Security Administration estimates that one in five Americans is living with a disability, which can pose a specific set of challenges during everyday life. Although legislation exists that requires accessibility in public housing like hotels and university dorm rooms, the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t require all community features to be accessible.

Several states crack down 'fake' service animals

Michael Ollove, Pew/Stateline

19 states to enact laws cracking down on people who try to pass off their pets as service animals. The push has been gathering steam in recent years: 

These handicapped New Yorkers are behind hundreds of lawsuits

By Melkorka Licea September 16, 2017 | 9:41pm

Five New Yorkers in wheelchairs are behind nearly 400 lawsuits brought against small businesses for lacking handicap access.

Such legal claims have been criticized as part of a “cottage industry” of “serial plaintiffs” who target mom-and-pop establishments for quick cash settlements. But others see the suits as helping enforce the American with Disabilities Act.

Jeremy the Dud show

Imagine a world in which having a disability was the norm, and the select few that don't, duds, experience the same condescending and patronizing attitudes as people with disabilities experience in our society.

USA Archery Names World Archery Para Championships Team

Add Date here

U.S. Team Trials concluded today after round robin matches for the top eight competitors in the compound open and recurve open men’s divisions. USA Archery then presented the team headed to Beijing, China on September 12-17th following yesterday’s qualification rounds. 

How a Smart Home Empowers People with Disabilities


While advances in personal technology continue at a rapid pace, at times their designers seem to forget about the population that could perhaps benefit from it the most.

Wheelchair Users Prioritized in the Parking Lot?

Rolling without limits

In Arizona, it is law that anyone with a disability plate or placard receives a right to park in any free spot legally. The new bill, which is awaiting a legislative process would, however, widen the rights of the disabled people and created a new category of spots which would be permanently restricted to the people in wheelchairs.

"DON'T TREAD ON MY ADA" - Oppose ADA Education & Reform Act of 2017 - H.R. 620

Petition-Dara Baldwin

H.R. 620 would create significant obstacles for people with disabilities to enforce their rights under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to access public accommodations, and would impede their ability to engage in daily activities and participate in the mainstream of society. 

People Reveal What Sex With A Disabled Partner Was Like


Sex is one of those biological, universal experiences that throws out a whole range of emotions.

For some people, sex will follow a set of prescriptive rules dictated by what mainstream society’s narrow frame of reference deems normal – if there is such a thing – and if that makes them happy, so be it.

From AVSC’s ‘most improved’ to World Championship adaptive racer

by Madeleine Osberger, Aspen Daily News

Two years ago, Kevin Mather received the “most improved” award from Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club’s adaptive program, a nod to the monoskier’s willingness to get better, no matter what the cost.

Next week, the affable and outspoken Mather, 34, who coaches nicknamed “The Ginger” due to his coloring and temperament, heads to the IPC World Para Alpine Skiing Championships in Tarvisio, Italy, Jan. 22-31, for a maiden voyage into international competition.

The Party Is on the Second Floor, So Where Is the Elevator?

by Cody Unser- US News and World Report

My lifeless legs were the first to tell me "I can't walk." My in-hospital catheterization lessons were the first to tell me "I can't pee." The skin checks I learned I must do regularly to monitor for signs of breakdown were the first to tell me that having a paralyzed body takes careful maintenance. But it is the flight of stairs with no ramp in sight, the building with no elevator and the doctor's office with no accessible exam table that remind me constantly, "Yes, Cody, you are disabled and living in a wheelchair."

Brain Implant Allows Paralyzed Monkey to Walk Again

George Dvorsky-Gizmodo

For the first time ever, a neural device has been used to restore locomotion in paralyzed primates. It may be years before clinical trials can begin for humans, but this latest breakthrough marks an important step in that direction.

Woman Parks In Restaurant’s Handicap Spot, Then A Disability Van Driver Teaches Her A Lesson

Little Things

In the following clip from National Geographic, a simple experiment is conducted to make a statement to those who illegally park in handicap spaces.

First, a man posing as a disability van driver rides around town, looking for cars parked illegally in spaces that are reserved for people who actually need them.

Accessible? My Ass! Blog

Sometimes, I do a slow burn when something really makes me angry.  Like the time this spring, when I got trapped in a public washroom.  While I did “share the moment” on Facebook, it took me the whole summer, AND a post from another blogger to get off my behind to craft an appropriately snarky article that you also could contribute to.

What happens when the airlines break your wheelchair?

Tom McParland

Airlines lose and damage luggage all the time. But what if that luggage was your only way to get around? What if instead of misplacing a bag, the airline removed your ability to move about independently? That’s exactly what one airline did to my wife on a trip to Mexico two years ago.

This is what disability erasure looks like

Forbes-Emily Willingham

It was a day when the U.S. disability community should have been celebrating the progress made since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed on July 26, 1990, and looking forward at work yet left to do. Instead, the world awoke to news of one of the worst and deadliest targeted attacks on disabled people since the Nazis decided to erase them from the earth. This time, it was in Japan.

This is what sitting too long does to the body

The life is amazion

Today, we live in a world where modern machines do much of our work for us, which greatly eliminates the need for manual labor. Not to mention, over 34 million Americans have office or sales jobs, forcing them to remain sedentary for eight or more hours a day.

When I'm 'Stalled' by Someone Without a Disability in the Accessible Bathroom

The Mighty- Kat Macfarlane

We need to talk about the bathroom and what it’s like to go the bathroom when you’re disabled. I’ll start:  my name is Katherine, and I’m a mobility-impaired woman who has rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Thanks to RA, it’s been about six years since I could comfortably use a bathroom stall that doesn’t have metal handrails attached to its inside walls. A stall without handrails scares me. I have no problem swinging a bathroom stall open. But an accessible bathroom isn’t just one I can get into — it’s also one I can get out of.  And I can’t get off a toilet and out of a bathroom unless there are handrails within my reach.

Township condemns wheelchair ramp built for 4-year-old hit-and-run victim

Nathan Clark-MLive

A wheelchair ramp built for a child who was injured in a hit and run in front of his home was condemned Saturday, June 4 by Parma Township for not meeting building code.

A township building inspector along with township Supervisor Wendy Chamberlain visited 4-year-old Mason Llyod's home Saturday morning to inspect a wheelchair ramp built for the boy and condemned it for not meeting code for both the American with Disabilities Act and state building code.

Basic Myths about Disability I Can’t Believe We Still Have to Debunk

Sarah Blahovec-Huffington Post

To be honest, I was really hoping that what I’m about to write was common knowledge by now. I really wish that society in general understood disability better, but in light of a number of concerning articles recently, from a USA Today article about people “faking” disability during travel, to a New York Times Magazine articleabout parents stunting the growth of disabled children through estrogen treatments, it seems necessary to counter the basic inaccurate beliefs people have about disability and those who live with it. Below are a few of the most popular myths, along with suggested reading on each topic.

Why Some Disability Rights Activists Are Protesting ‘Me Before You’ They believe the film offers a harmful portrayal of life with a disability.

Haley Goldberg-Self

When Emily Ladau, 24, picked up a copy of the bestselling book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, she knew it would be an emotional read. The book—which was adapted into a movie that hits theaters on June 3—advertises itself as a “heartbreakingly romantic novel.” Here’s the plot of the movie (spoilers ahead): Will Traynor, a 35-year-old former thrill-seeker with a spinal cord injury (SCI), falls in love with his quirky twenty-something caregiver Louisa Clark, only to break her heart by committing assisted suicide, believing his new life as a quadriplegic isn’t worth living. It’s sold over six million copies since its 2012 release.

The Other Bathroom Wars


Jana Serge remembers her father pushing her wheelchair into a men’s room in the late 1970s. “Close your eyes,” he would say, as he quickly wheeled her toward the stalls.

Suitable for those with disabilities? Maybe not

50 shades of sun

Restrooms or toilets provided for people with disabilities often fail to live up to the promises they appear to make. Probably, this is more to do with lack of planning and foresight but also may be influenced by available space. Too often, though, it might be due to finances.

Bathrooms Make Air Travel Difficult for Many with Disabilities

Aviation Pros- Erin Tracy

Modesto resident Barbara Ball and her husband have traveled extensively: Greece, France, Italy, the Bahamas and all over the United States, to name a few.

She feels fortunate to have visited so many places before a blood clot in her right leg led to its amputation five years ago.

Ball now has a prosthetic but spent a few months in a wheelchair during rehab. So it struck a chord when she heard about her friend's brother, a double amputee in a wheelchair living in South Carolina, who can't fly to Modesto to visit because he can't access the onboard restrooms.


Curb Free with Cory Lee

If you’re like me, you don’t like something like a wheelchair slowing you down. Whether you’re a world-class traveler or just starting to explore the big blue globe, you can hop on a jet plane and take your chair with you so you don’t miss a beat. There are some things you have to see to first, though. If you don’t take precautions, your wheels can get pretty mangled during the flight – and nothing puts a damper on a trip quite like not being able to get around. Whether you’re in economy class, business class or on a private jet charter, all of these tips are imperative. Check out these tips to help ensure your chair arrives at your destination as safely as you do.

TSA admits mistake after Amy Van Dyken-Rouen said she was 'humiliated' by agent at Denver airport

The Denver Channel

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admits agents "did not follow correct screening protocols" with Colorado's six-time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen.

Van Dyken-Rouen says TSA agents at Denver International Airport humiliated her.

Even The Disabled Can’t Agree On Colorado’s Fake Service Dog Bill

CBS4 Denver

There’s a renewed effort to regulate what is and what is not a service dog, and pet owners who pretend their pet is a service dog could be fined.

Handicapped Bathrooms: Use as a Last Resort, unless you Actually Need One!


I went with my boyfriend to Costco yesterday, but before we started shopping I needed to stop by the bathroom. Besides having to use my wheelchair, another condition of my SCI is when I gotta go, I gotta go. I need to pee fairly quickly so I don’t have any issues, and by issues I mean piss myself. Yup, I said it. It is what it is.

10 Things The World Can Learn From People With Disabilities.

Tiffiny Carlson

No matter the type of person, there are lessons to be learned from them. People with disabilities are especially influential, as our hardships in life aren’t easily forgotten. We go through every day with determination and strength, which many people are bowled over by, with many secretly wondering if they could do the same thing.

15 Common Phrases That Are Way More Ableist Than You May Realize

by Caley Farinas and Creigh Farinas

When I was in middle school, my family started going to an autism support group. Well, I say “family,” but in reality, my sister Creigh was going for her high school volunteer hours and kept dragging my mother and me along.

Creigh seemed to think that, because she was my sibling and I’m Autistic, it was her responsibility to show support for me and other autistic people by going to these meetings and guilting my mother and me into going, too.

Travel liars, pants on fire

Christopher Elliott, USA Today

Let's talk about travelers who feign injury, illness and even death in order to get preferential treatment.


Let's talk about the fakers.


When travel companies, and particularly airlines, announce restrictive new policies almost daily, it's no wonder the frequent liars are everywhere. As the busy spring break travel season begins to heat up, maybe it's time to start asking hard questions about these charlatans

'Disabled': Just #SayTheWord

Barbara J. King

"If you 'see the person not the disability' you're only getting half the picture. Broaden your perspective. You might be surprised by everything you've missed. DISABLED. ‪#‎SayTheWord"

Fake "Service Animals" are about to become a hefty crime in Colorado

Dallon Adams-The Rooster

On the bus. At the bar. At the dentist’s office. Adorably shitting on your shoe on the plane. It doesn’t matter where in Colorado you are, we’ve all been in this situation: some entitled individual wants to bring their pet along with them and justifies the move by simply pulling the “service animal” card. That teacup poodle or iguana-on-a-leash is no service animal, and that owner ought to be ashamed of themselves. 

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

Sarah Boesveld

When he cut off his right arm with a “very sharp power tool,” a man who now calls himself One Hand Jason let everyone believe it was an accident.

But he had for months tried different means of cutting and crushing the limb that never quite felt like his own, training himself on first aid so he wouldn’t bleed to death, even practicing on animal parts sourced from a butcher.

Woman With One Leg Asks Neighbor To Not Park In Handicap Space. Neighbor’s Response? Unexpected


Woman in Ohio asked her neighbor not to park in her handicap parking space. The neighbor proceeded to respond with the most shocking letter ever.

“Hey handicap,” the letter begins. “First, never place your hands on my car again! Second, honey you ain’t the only one with ‘struggles.’ You want pity go to a one leg support group!”

It Is Time To Eliminate Offensive Terms about People With Disabilities

Janice Lintz

In December, Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, sent a letter to the York City Department of Education stating, "the City is still not fully compliant, and children with disabilities and their families are being denied the right to equal access to a public school education."(1) This is not news to people with disabilities. Schools and companies often treat the ADA as a mere suggestion despite its enactment 25 years ago.

Gatorland: Disability-friendly zip line offers thrill over alligators

Dwayne Bevil-Orlando Sentinal

For two decades, Wheeler Clemons has spent days in a wheelchair. On Friday morning, he was lifted from the chair to fly — wide-eyed and yelling "Woo-hoo" — over a marsh populated with more than 100 watchful alligators.

Clemons was the first official participant on the Gator Gauntlet, a specially designed, disability-enabled zip line at Gatorland, longtime animal attraction in south Orlando.

Wheelchairs are Awesome Video

Erik Kondo Video

Here is a video compilation showcasing the awesome things that people are doing in a wheelchair.

10 Crucial Ways We Can Make Society More Inclusive for People With Disabilities

Dristin Duquette & Dr. Mary Hums- The Blog

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated its 25th year of coming into law last month, and while it has changed countless lives, it has become apparent that inclusion loopholes still exist.

The ADA was designed to have people with disabilities become viable and authentic citizens within the United States, but access to resources are still denied and the disability community continues to fight for basic civil rights.

Marriott Opens ‘Hotel School’ To Teach Persons With Disabilities Valuable Job Skills

Christina Tenhundfeld- Simplemost

In December of 2015, the Courtyard Muncie at Horizon Convention Center (in Indiana) is the first of it’s kind: a hotel with a training institute designed specifically for persons with disabilities.

12 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl in a Wheelchair

Rebecca Moller-Cosmopolitan

12 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl in a Wheelchair

New regulation updates VA policy on service dogs at VA facilities

The Department of Veterans Affairs is revising its regulation regarding the presence of animals on VA property.

Previous VA regulation authorized the presence of seeing-eye dogs on VA property and other animals at the discretion of a VA facility head. The updated regulation will ensure VA practices remain consistent with applicable federal law. It will also assist those entering and working at VA facilities in developing a clear and consistent understanding of the criteria governing facility access for service animals.

How Beauty Vlogging Helped Jordan Bone Fight Her Disability, Beat Depression, and Inspire Everyone

Sara Bliss

When British vlogger Jordan Bone was battling depression, she found help in an unexpected place — YouTube.  At age 15, Jordan was the victim of a terrible car accident. She got into a car of a friend, he started speeding, and five minutes later, the car flipped, breaking Jordan’s neck. She was left tetraplegic — she lost the ability to move her hands and legs.

Trailer stolen from Dallas storage facility, $30k in equipment missing


Dallas Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the suspects responsible for stealing a trailer full of adaptive sports equipment from a storage unit earlier this month.

Adaptive Cyclocross Is a Thing, and It’s Amazing

Bicycling- Molly Hurford

Cyclocross is a hugely fun sport for racers and spectators alike. And during the Mile High Urban CX Chaos (MUCCY) race, everyone can participate: MUCCY is open to all kinds of adaptive bikes and focuses on racers with special needs.

I Won't Pretend That Disability Simulation Works

Emily Ladau - Huffington Post

Activities meant to simulate the experience of disability are so often lauded as moving, powerful, eye-opening experiences. With just a few hours in a wheelchair, wearing earplugs, or wearing a blindfold, people supposedly gain a deeper understanding of what life with a disability truly entails. I, for one, don't buy it.

15 Things Wheelchair Users Hate Hearing

Roland Reznik- Smartchair

Wheelchair users hear plenty of comments throughout their daily lives in public. While some comments are made innocently enough, it shows the lack of knowledge in society regarding wheelchair users. People hear about myths or just don’t know much about life in a wheelchair. Below is a list of specific things wheelchair users hate hearing.

Mounds of Snow at Intersections Making Roads Impassable for People with Disabilities

CBS 58

Milwaukee County -

Every time it snows their daily routine has to change. People with disabilities say that's because even though sidewalks are plowed, the corner cross walks are not.

Driver blocks handicap parking spot, disabled operator can't access car

TurnTo10 News

CRANSTON, R.I. — A disabled woman was recently unable to enter her parked car because another vehicle illegally parked next to her.

Paralympic Archer Matt Stutzman Breaks (His Own) World Record For Farthest Accurate Shot


Paralympic Archer Matt Stutzman Breaks (His Own) World Record For Farthest Accurate Shot

It is hard not to be impressed by Olympic archery – shooting a target 70 meters (about 77 yards) away, and hitting the gold, which is about the size of a CD. But then there’s Matt Stutzman, known around the world as the ever-inspirational “Armless Archer” who shoots using his feet.

Why We Need to Talk About Kylie Jenner

Claiming Crip

We need to talk about Kylie Jenner posing on the cover of Interview Magazine in a wheelchair. We need to realize that this is not a simple conversation. I cannot talk about Kylie Jenner posing in a wheelchair in a simple way, because this conversation is anything but simple. This is not just about whether it is okay for able-bodied people to use mobility aids and disability as edgy props to shock people. No, this is about so much more.

Service Animal or Pet? How to Ferret Out The Truth

Barrier-Free Travels

Although I generally direct my tips to consumers, I’m going to change things up a bit and reach out to folks in customer service today. Lately there has been a lot of buzz about “fake” service animals, otherwise known as pets. And to be honest, the fakers really do a huge disservice to people who have legitimate service animals.

It’s time to accept that some athletes use wheelchairs

Adrienne Barlow

FREQUENTLY I’m asked why I’m an advocate for inclusion to sports. Mostly it is because I may use a wheelchair. But I do not see myself as disabled. I may see myself as having physical challenges, but don’t ever “dis” my abilities.


In an effort to gain and maintain access to the only accessible tennis courts in my community, I encountered opposition at our local parks and recreation board. Often alone as the voice of inclusion in my small but affluent community of Gig Harbor, I have encountered adversity and public displays of opposition.

Improving Transportation for Those with Disabilities a Focus for Startups

Megan Totka,

If historians give this period a label, they might call it the “Startup Era.” In earlier times, most startup news was relegated to the business pages of your local newspaper orThe Wall Street Journal, today a wide variety of startups make it into the front-page headlines.


And some of the most notable startups in recent years have been in the transportation industry: think Uber and Lyft, for two familiar examples.

Plan for Virginia Executive Mansion wheelchair ramp blasted


A plan to build a wheelchair ramp outside the Virginia Executive Mansion is turning into a tussle between Gov. Terry McAuliffe and former first lady Roxane Gilmore.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Gilmore, the wife of former governor and current Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore, has circulated a letter among historic preservationists in which she characterizes the planned ramp as unnecessarily intrusive on the nation's oldest continuously occupied governor's residence.

Stop Saying 'Wheelchair-Bound' And Other Outdated And Offensive Terms To People With Disabilities

Zachary Fenell, the Mobility Resource

Discussing disabilities may feel like trying to avoid metaphorical tripwires.

One innocent misstep and an able-bodied person may receive a tongue lashing just for saying “handicap vehicle” instead of “wheelchair accessible vehicle.”

To help you sidestep situations like the one above, note the following tips when discussing disabilities.

James Bond Parody Calls Out 007 for Killing People With Disabilities

The Mighty

Comedy site Funny or Die uploaded a video on Nov. 5 titled “James Bond Sensitivity Training with Jane Seymour,” which shows actor Daniel Craig, in character as James Bond, being “summoned to MI6 headquarters for an HR-mandated handicap and disability sensitivity training.”

Red Rocks demand squeezes out people with disabilities

NBC 9 News

At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, able-bodied people have found ways to buy the front row seats reserved for people with disabilities.

Mother Was Forced to Abandon Her Daughter With No Legs, Now She’s A Gymnast

Lifenews-Sarah Zagorski

Jennifer Bricker wanted to be a gymnast; but there was one problem, she was born without legs. This tragic birth defect caused her biological parents to abandon her in Romania the day she was born. An American family, Gerald and Sharon Bricker, adopted Jennifer and raised her in a small town in Illinois.

This incredible amputee soldier proves disability doesn’t mean inability

Amy Willis for

This is Corporal Temur Dadiani, a soldier injured in Afghanistan four years ago.

The 23-year-old, from Georgia, lost both his legs after stepping on a landmine while serving on a mission in Helmand Province with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).


Drew Wills handcycles the 'super hard' events

Tim Bergsten- Colorado Springs Independent

Drew Wills found new life somewhere along a ribbon of highway skirting the rim of the Black Canyon in western Colorado.


It wasn't easy that day, pedaling a three-wheeled handcycle up and over tall mountains in the 2005 Tour of Colorado, a 400-mile supported cycling adventure. The muscles in his arms and shoulders protested every turn of the crank.

11 People With Disabilities Share Their Awkward Experiences With Others

The Mighty

Life is full of awkward moments. But did you know that, according to one of our Scope reports, two-thirds of British people feel uncomfortable talking to people with disabilities? And worse still, one-fifth of 18- to 34-year-olds admitted they’ve avoided talking to a person with a disability altogether for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Scope wants to change that by raising awareness with their #EndTheAwkward campaign.


Hidden Camera Captures Gym-Goers’ Reactions to Paralympic Athletes

Melissa McGlensey- the Mighty

In anticipation of this historic event, the Rio Paralympic Games committee released a video captured using a hidden camera that shows three Paralympic athletes training at the gym. At first, fellow gym-goers stare because of the athletes’ various disabilities. But once the athletes get going, people are staring for another reason entirely.

10 Crucial Ways We Can Make Society More Inclusive for People With Disabilities

The Blog- Huffington Post

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated its 25th year of coming into law last month, and while it has changed countless lives, it has become apparent that inclusion loopholes still exist.

Broomfield man lifting his spirits one rep at a time

By Kimberli Turner

Sales was paralyzed from the waist down during an aircraft accident 2 ½ years ago and he has dealt with the first set of questions — "Why did this happen?," "What do I do now?" and "What can I do?"

What to do When Doubt Creeps In

Tricia Downing- Blog

By all accounts, Susan Williams wasn’t supposed to be on the 2004 Olympic triathlon team. There were four Americans in front of her in the world rankings, and there were only three potential spots on the U.S. squad that would make the Athens Games (only the second time in history that the swimming, biking and running event would appear on the Olympic schedule).

Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot

Chris Matyszczyk- CNet

In the US, citizens have begun to film the police with abandon.

In turn, the police have started to wear bodycams in order to capture what they see.

In Spain, however, a new gagging law has been enacted. It's titled the Citizens Security Law.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Hotels

Sue LoTempio- New Mobility Magazines

I love hotels. I hate hotels. Know the feeling? While adventure travel is big business these days, for wheelers “adventure” often implies something different: access problems.

2015 Parapan American Games in Toronto

Toronto 2015

Planning for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games will be fully integrated. This means identifying Parapan-specific details and plans as part of each phase of Games planning to ensure all Parapan preparations are completed prior to the start of the Pan Am Games. Planning also includes a commitment to legacy opportunities, elevating the Paralympic Movement both locally and globally, as well as showcasing accessibility.

That Empty Handicapped Parking Space

Rae Lynn- Be Notable

We’ve all been there.  A crowded theatre on the opening night of a blockbuster, a popular restaurant center, or the mall for a big holiday sale.  The parking lot is full.  It’s beyond full.  Pick-ups are parked up on grassy medians.  Mini Coopers are sandwiched at the ends of aisles.  

3D Printing: A disabilty revolution?

BBC News- Nikki Fox

Having a disability can be expensive - from buying parts for a mobility scooter to finding the right piece of equipment that fits a certain need.

But what if a disabled person could make their own bespoke gadgets without the huge costs?

More Americans Have A Disability Than You'd Think By Laura Geggel

About one in every five Americans reports having a disability, according to results from a new nationwide survey.

About one in eight adults say they have mobility limitations, such as difficulty walking or climbing stairs, making this the most common type of disability, according to the report. The next most common disability is in thinking and/or memory, followed by problems with independent living (such as difficulty running errands and visiting the doctor without help), vision and self-care (such as self-bathing or dressing), according to the report.

Toyota unveils R2-D2-like robot which can help look after the sick & elderly

RT Question More

“The Human Support Robot (HSR) is Toyota's answer to the ever-increasing demand for long-term elderly care in societies like Japan,” says the company in a press release, adding that its goal is to assist “independent home living for the elderly and disabled.”

Cop Didn’t Know He Was Caught Doing Private Act With Crying Handicap Woman

Mad World News- Amanda Shea

A day patrolling the streets last week didn’t go as planned for Bloomingdale Police Officer Michael Giovenco, who was caught in the midst of what residents never expected, when he didn’t think anyone was looking. But someone did see it and recorded it, then shared it online and shocked thousands of people on social media.

Starbucks Revokes Ban on Man Who Asked Patrons Not to Park in Disability-Reserved Spot

ABC News- Emily Shapiro

An art gallery owner in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Starbucks have resolved their differences after he was barred from all the coffee chain's locations for causing a "disruption" when he'd ask customers at one Tampa store to stop illegally parking in a spot reserved for people with disabilities.

Starbucks bans local man for life for defending handicapped

Kendra Conlon, WTSP- 10News CBS

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A St. Petersburg man says Starbucks has banned him for life.

Rob Rowen got a letter from Starbucks saying he's been disrupting business and threatening customers. He says it's all because he's asked people illegally parked in the handicapped spot to move.

How an Ordinary Person Can Change the World, Well at Least Start the Process...

The Blog- Janice S. Lintz

Imagine waking up one day and learning that your daughter has a hearing loss.

Imagine finding out the access your daughter needs doesn't exist in this country but does elsewhere.

Then imagine that you could be the catalyst to effect change in this country...

I don't have to imagine it, since that is what I did. No one was going to force our family into some alternative "special" universe. I decided it was easier to change the world then to change me. If I could do it, so can you. 

Why disability rights is everyone's business

Fortune- Jeffrey Pfeffer

Twenty-five years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, labor force participation is actually lower and significant transportation obstacles remain. Here’s why everyone should care.

My Poop Can Kill Me: 6 Weird Truths About My Wheelchair

Cracked- Amanda Mannen

Want an Oscar? Play a disabled character. Old white people are suckers for an inspiring story. This isn't going to be one of those. I didn't learn any profound lessons from my disability. Mostly, I learned that everyone is an asshole, including myself. But let me back up and tell you how I got here ...

Marriage Equality for People with Disabilities Dominick Evans

Remove the penalty that prevents people with disabilities from marrying!

When we think of marriage equality, we think about the ongoing fight LGBT couples face, but another minority group must deal with the stark reality that they are better off living in long-term committed relationships, without marriage.

Discovering: An Accessible US Travel Guide for Wheelchair Users


To request a free copy of our book, “Discovering: An Accessible US Travel Guide for Wheelchair Users”, click "Read More" to fill in the following fields and hit submit.

USAWR selects 2015 Parapan American Games Team


Nearly fifty days ago, USAWR selected 15 athletes to the Parapan American Games training squad.  Since then, this group of 15 have attended two training camps and competed for a spot to attend the 2015 Parapan American Games this August in Toronto.

World's Most Lifelike Bionic Hand Developed

Justine Alford- IFLSCIENCE

It may not be quite as sophisticated as Luke Skywalker’s, but Star Wars is a movie, and the prosthetic hand scientists have now managed to create is pretty darn impressive, to say the least.

Brought to the world by prosthetics manufacturer Steeper, the innovative “bebionic” small hand is the latest model to come from the UK-based company, and it’s their most lifelike model yet. 

US Schools must stop excluding children with disabilities

David M. Perry- Aljazeera America

We are at a watershed moment in the history of disability rights in the United States. Laws and cultural norms have shifted to create new opportunities, better access and a relatively more inclusive society. And yet people with disabilities, their caregivers, families and allies have never been more aware of the many barriers they face. We encounter these barriers not just in our own lives but also through social media, with individual struggles shared more easily, revealing patterns of discrimination and exclusion. For parents, that struggle is nowhere more apparent than in schools.

Oscar Pistorius out on Probation in August

Oscar Pistorius is set to be released on probation on 21 August, South African prison authorities say, after serving 10 months in jail for shooting dead his girlfriend.

Google Impact Challenge-Disabilities is looking for your biggest and best ideas for how technology can expand opportunity and independence for people with disabilities. We’re committing USD 20 million in grant funding toward this goal, some of which may be awarded to organizations identified through this call for ideas.

No Barriers Summit

July 9th to 12th

Part inspiration, part action, this unparalleled 4-day conference empowers people to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their very best to the world. Join us in Park City, UT • July 9-12, 2015! 

To Anyone Who's Ever Illegally Parked in a Handicapped spot

The Mighty

On an icy and frigid Chicago winter night at the indoor sports dome where I pick up my son and his friends from soccer practice, some lady was illegally parked in not one but two handicap spots. This parking lot is a chronic nightmare with parents dropping off and picking up kids simultaneously for practice. There’s always a bunch of children darting between cars sporting nothing but soccer shorts in subzero temperatures. Any civilized regulations regarding social conduct and parking lot etiquette do not apply at this sports dome. It’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

Extreme Wheelchairing Game App

App Store-Google Play

Ready to give your thumbs some exercise?
Then jump into this action packed wheelchair game.

Roll your way through the levels as quickly as possible, do stunts and jumps, find hidden items and don’t tip over. The unique controls adds to a fun and challenging experience.


Incredible Photo Series Helps Kids With Disabilities See Their Inner Superhero

The Mighty- Rachel Kassenbrock

Renee Bergeron is a professional photographer living in Bellingham, Washington. Her 4-year-old son, Apollo, was diagnosed with a double aortic arch, a rare heart defect, when he was 18 months old. In just one year he underwent two open-heart surgeries and had to have a feeding tube inserted in his stomach, along with numerous other medical procedures, according to his mom’s website.

Dozens of Self-Advocates Arrested at White House

Disability Scoop- Michelle Diament

More than 50 disability rights activists were arrested Monday while protesting outside the White House. Those detained were among about 200 advocates from across the country who are in Washington this week with the disability rights group ADAPT.

An Amazing Village Designed Just for People with Dementia

Gizmodo-Kelsey Campbell Dollaghan

Centuries after Shakespeare wrote about King Lear's symptoms, there's still no perfect way to care for sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer's. In the Netherlands, however, a radical idea is being tested: Self-contained "villages" where people with dementia shop, cook, and live together—safely.

Dating in a Wheelchair: Your problem, not mine.

Women in the world- Anne Thomas

The advice from my doctor was to check myself into a nursing home for the rest of my life, but I wanted a career, adventure, love, and sex

24 Things All Girls in Wheelchairs Should Know

Louise Bruton-Buzzfeed

After spending a few years in a wheelchair, Louise educates the population on some items that will come in handy.

What its really like to live with physical disability

refinery 29

Photo Series:  Meet the people, see the disability.  People showcasing their disability and what they have accomplished in this great photo series

Quadriplegic flies F35 with nothing but her thoughts

Jesus Diaz- Sploid

Arati Prabhakar—director of the Pentagon's advanced research arm DARPA—has revealed a breakthrough achievement in machine mind control. Jan Scheuermann, a 55-year-old quadriplegic woman with electrodes in her brain, has been able to fly an F-35 fighter jet using "nothing but her thoughts."

BC faces inquiry over accessibility of campus

The Boston Globe

Federal and state officials are investigating Boston College for possible violations of accessibility laws, amid complaints from some current and former students with disabilities who describe navigating sections of the campus as a nightmare.

Problem spots, including numerous routes and ramps that are steep and others that lead only to stairs, force people with disabilities to travel longer routes or navigate “shortcuts” through a maze of building hallways and elevators to get across campus, the students said.

Those Super Bowl Ads Weren't Inspiration Porn

We weren’t all shaking our heads.

Elizabeth Heideman’s recent piece on about the Toyota and Microsoft Super Bowl ads, which featured two people with limb-differences, would have you believe that we – all disabled people and activists – were upset about them.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, I believe her piece did more harm than good to an already nuanced conversation.

Inspiration Porn is not Okay

Salon-Elizabeth Heideman

This year’s Super Bowl commercial lineup was a departure from the usual, to say the least. While the majority of brands turned heads by abandoning the usual “sex sells” adage in favor of more sobering messages (some maybe a little too sobering), both Toyota and Microsoft took it a step further by featuring people with disabilities in their multimillion-dollar ads. But while the ads proved popular with mainstream Super Bowl viewers, many viewers with disabilities themselves shook their heads.

Things People Believe About Service Dogs (that are not true)

I Love Responsible Dog Breeders

In general people understand the concept of a service dog. If you’re only ever heard of service dogs, you probably imagine a dog, most likely a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd Dog, wearing a vest and guide handle, guiding a blind man through busy intersections in New York City. While this image is most likely applicable to some service dog handlers, it certainly is not a depiction of all handlers.Add News Story here

IPC to eliminate need to classify athletes at the Games

September 5, 2012

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has adopted a ‘zero classification’ policy in an effort to minimise the number of athletes who need to be classified in the final days leading up to or during a Paralympic Games.I'm a news story. I'm a great place for you to let your users know what's new with your company. You can choose what news stories appear on your page. Double click me to change me and your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.

Sitting is Hazardous to your health according to recent studies

Los Angeles Times