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VA Adaptive Sports


Your courage, determination and drive all led you to serve America proudly. Those same characteristics will also lead to satisfaction and success in adaptive sports. Disabled veterans of all ages and abilities report better health, new friendships and a better quality of life when participating in adaptive sports. Disabled veterans who are physically active simply have more fun! To get started, take some time to review the many sporting opportunities available to you by reaching out to your VA clinical team and browsing this website.


Get started by learning how disabled veterans can benefit from adaptive sports. Browse the website and if you still have questions, contact us at



Please Note that events and times are subject to change without notice.  The Veterans Administration and SportsAbilities are not responsible for user generated events listed here and we recommend contacting the hosting organization prior to attending.

The Roll App

We have added a Q Code for the Roll App to our pages.  The Roll App is designed to allow people to rate places and businesses on their accessibility.  This will allow other people to know what to expect when visiting these organizations.  Please scan the Q Code below and start sharing.  

We Go Further Together!

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