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Lasher Sport produces custom, high quality wheelchairs and sports equipment out of Anchorage, Alaska.  We have been very fortunate to demo quite a few pieces of their equipment including a Lasher Sport BT-Mg Everyday Wheelchair, a Lasher Sport ATH All Terrain Handcycle, and a Lasher Sport ATH-29er All Terrain Handcycle.  See the pictures and our evaluations below.

Lasher Sport BT-Mg Everyday Wheelchair

Our Lasher Sport BT-Mg is a custom built Magnesium wheelchair complete with Spinergy Flexrim Wheels, Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires,  Frog Leg Single Tyne Casters with 4" Soft Roll wheels, D's Lock Brakes, Custom Illusion Copper Powder Coat Paint, Chrome Highlights, a Stimulite Cushion, and Carbon Fiber Side Guards.


We have been rolling our Lasher Sport since February 2013 and it is an awesome push.  The Magnesium Frame absorbs shock and bumps much more smoothly than our Aluminum/Titanium predecessor.  It is also incredibly light weighing just 16.7 pounds with the wheels and cushion.   We have had only one problem with our chair and that is from over-using the D's Lock brakes and tearing the cable (a $39.00 repair to replace it).  Otherwise, the chair is exceptional.

Lasher Sport ATH- All Terrain Handcycle

We have Two Lasher Sport ATH Handcycles-

The first, we received in June 2012.  It is equipped with a Magnesium Frame, 26" Schwalbe Racer Ralph Off Road Tires, Spinergy Cyclone Wheels, and Front Hydraulic Brakes.

The second, we received in February 2013.  It is equipped with a Magnesium Frame, 29" Schwalbe Racer Ralph Off Road Tires, Spinergy Cyclone Wheels and Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes.


The overall design of the bikes are great.  They are designed like a road handcycle so you have the capacity to ride fast along the road and paved trails.  The benefit is that you can also ride easily on fire trails, gravel, and moderate off road trails.    The bike performs very well on gravel trails and is stable on a variety of terrain.  The biggest struggle is when the trail turns uphill and the terrain is loose.  Traction falls off quickly.   Since we have received the first ATH, we have not ridden our personal Road Handcycles at all.  These are just more adaptable to the Colorado Lifestyle.  

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