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Colorado Resource Guide



Colorado State


Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-866-5700 Website: 


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
655 Broadway Street, Suite 775 Denver Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-839-1775 TTY-303-839-0015


Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
1575 Sherman Street, 4th Floor Denver, Colorado 80023
Phone: 303-866-4150 Website:


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Region VII
1600 Broadway, Suite 700 Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-844-2111 Website:


Colorado Medicaid Office
1570 Grant Street Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-866-2993 TTY: 303-866-3883


Colorado SCHIP Program
State Childrens Health Insurance Program
1570 Grand Street Denver, Colorado 80201
Phone: 303-692-2960 Website:


Colorado SHIIP Program
State Health Insurance Information Program for Seniors
1560 Broadway Street, Suite 850 Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-894-7499 Website:


Cover Colorado
Colorado High Risk Insurance Plan
425 South Cherry Street, Suite 160 Glendale, Colorado 80246
Phone: 877-461-3811 Website:


Colorado Community Home and Community Based Services Waiver


Colorado Insurance Commissioner


Colorado Division of Workers Compensation Information Center
633 17th Street Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-318-8700 Website:


State LTC Ombudsman
Colorado Protection and Advocacy
The Legal Center for People with Disabilities
455 Sherman Street, Suite 130 Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 800-288-1376 x 217 Website:

The Roll App

We have added a Q Code for the Roll App to our pages.  The Roll App is designed to allow people to rate places and businesses on their accessibility.  This will allow other people to know what to expect when visiting these organizations.  Please scan the Q Code below and start sharing.  

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