Colorado Resource Guide



Colorado State


Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-866-5700 Website: 


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
655 Broadway Street, Suite 775 Denver Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-839-1775 TTY-303-839-0015


Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
1575 Sherman Street, 4th Floor Denver, Colorado 80023
Phone: 303-866-4150 Website:


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Region VII
1600 Broadway, Suite 700 Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-844-2111 Website:


Colorado Medicaid Office
1570 Grant Street Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-866-2993 TTY: 303-866-3883


Colorado SCHIP Program
State Childrens Health Insurance Program
1570 Grand Street Denver, Colorado 80201
Phone: 303-692-2960 Website:


Colorado SHIIP Program
State Health Insurance Information Program for Seniors
1560 Broadway Street, Suite 850 Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-894-7499 Website:


Cover Colorado
Colorado High Risk Insurance Plan
425 South Cherry Street, Suite 160 Glendale, Colorado 80246
Phone: 877-461-3811 Website:


Colorado Community Home and Community Based Services Waiver


Colorado Insurance Commissioner


Colorado Division of Workers Compensation Information Center
633 17th Street Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: 303-318-8700 Website:


State LTC Ombudsman
Colorado Protection and Advocacy
The Legal Center for People with Disabilities
455 Sherman Street, Suite 130 Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 800-288-1376 x 217 Website: