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Primo Casters $25

New Primo caster tires 100×25mm. $25 each. Buyer arranges pickup or shipping from MN or CO


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Smartdrive MX2+ Watch $200.00

Smart drive mx2+ wristwatch. Used a week. $200. Buyer arranges pickup or shipping from MN or CO





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Freewheel Attachement $550

New never used freewheel and parts except setup manual $550 buyer arranges pickup from CO or MN.


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X-Core 559 Carbon Fiber Wheelset

Cleaning out my garage...  I have a set of X-Core Carbon Fiber wheels 25 Inch (559) looking to clean out.  $300 plus shipping. for more details and actual pictures.

24" (540) Rowheels wheelchair wheels

The Rowheels REV1 attach to a manual wheelchair's wheel to create movement forward using a rowing pull motion, rather than pushing. This creates a more responsive wheel that takes less effort and helps to improve posture and core strength. Clinical studies have also shown that using Rowheels reduces shoulder and wrist injuries by distributing the work of propelling over a larger group of muscles in the shoulders and back. An innovative braking system and easier directional changes allow for easier maneuvering that takes less force to move forward. Durable materials and ergonomic design ensure that the Rowheels are built to last.

Product Benefits:

  • Helps build proper endurance

  • Improves posture and muscle engagement

  • Increases velocity without a higher stroke count

  • Reduces impact on wrists, shoulders, and elbows

  • Unique row wheel construction propels the user forward more efficiently than traditional wheels

Listed online at $2999.00 asking $2000 OBO for more information

X-Core Wheelset 590s- $300.00

I bought these in 1999, used them for 2 years and then switched to a power chair. Since then they've collected dust, I recently got rid of the chair they fit so it is time to sell the wheels too. $300.00 Email

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