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Freedom Ryder FRH1 with Bionx

Freedom Ryder FRH-1 350X with Bionx power assist I’m selling. ($3000). Great condition still gets up to 21 mph and can average 25 miles per battery charge at full assist


Contact Tony at for more information


Top End XLT

We have a Top End XLT  handcycle for sale.  This bike is equipped with Shimano components and caliper brakes.  It is designed for a person with higher function as the seatback height is very low.  For more information and pictures, email John at  $1200.00 plus shipping.


Top End Force R

Custom Top End Force R                              Asking price; 4500.00

This is a one-of-a-kind hand cycle; which I personally customized for taking on marathons in style. I had a custom flames and smoke paint job done to the entire frame, the fork and seat back piping are painted to appear like carbon fiber. It has new Corima carbon fiber wheels and tubular tires. I have less than 20 miles on the tires.
I up graded entire hand cycle to compete with the newest Top End Force RX; the upgrades include: the front cassette to a ten-gear w/ the lowest being a 11-52. I installed a new front derailer for the ten-gear cartridge. I installed a push/push thumb shifter. The head rest has an integrated head cushion (in side of the liner) There are knee rest too, computer, and front parking brake.
The seat width is 16 inches. I'm 5ft 11in height. There isn't much room for adjustment for someone taller than me; however, if you are shorter--then yes there is room to adjust. I do not have a seat cushion for the hand cycle; because I used my wheelchair's seat cushion when I crank.
Do your research for the actual cost if you were to do the upgrades I had done. The wheels and tires cost 3000.00 + dollars alone (yes 3K). I'm in no rush to sell. The hand cycle is literally ready for another marathon. Shipping can be done rather easily; I'd suggest using a website called; very easy process and it would probably cost 150 from Texas to almost anywhere within the US. No need for the hand cycle to be

crated; it would be picked up complete and ship as so

Call Will at 



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