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"World's Greatest Paralympic Athlete" Rudy Garcia-Tolson to Attempt
CHALLENGE ROTH Long-Distance Triathlon July 20 for Acclaimed Documentary


San Diego, CA (June 24)—Making the impossible possible is what double-above knee amputee Rudy Garcia-Tolson, 25, is all about.  With just two months notice, the 2x Paralympic Gold Medalist is attempting to train for the World's Largest Ironman-Distance Triathlon, CHALLENGE ROTH (Germany)—a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile marathon.

Garcia-Tolson is one of six athletes being featured in the film "Challenge Roth,” a documentary that uses the long-distance triathlon as a vehicle to showcase how human beings can overcome different obstacles, live up to their beliefs, and achieve personal triumph by pushing themselves to the limit both physically and mentally.  Rudy, a spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, is the only challenged athlete being featured, and is one of just two Americans.  The 15-hour cut-off time (instead of the usual 17 hours), will prove to be a fitting challenge. Can he make it?


Garcia-Tolson became the first double-above knee amputee to ever complete an IRONMAN® in 2009, garnering an ESPY nomination in 2010.  In addition to being an IRONMAN®, he is a 2x Gold Medalist Swimmer (200IM), Track & Field Sprinter and Long Jumper, and is announcing his bid for the U.S. Paralympic Triathlon Team.  He will attempt all four sports at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.  No other paralympian has attempted this large number of events at the highest level, garnering him the title "World's Greatest Paralympic Athlete."

Other featured athletes include Mirinda Carfae (2x Ironman Champion), Luke McKenzie (6x Ironman Champion), and Qi Dang (China's top Ironman).  Executive Producers for the documentary include 3x Academy Award Winners Mark Jonathan Harris and Peter Henning.  Producer Gwendolen Twist also produced the award-winning “Spirit of the Marathon” documentary.  "Challenge Roth" will be released in theaters nationwide in 2015.  

About the race: Challenge Roth (Roth, Germany) boasts the world’s largest triathlon crowd (220,000), the fastest course, and this year’s 30th anniversary celebration will end with a stadium fireworks show. 

To donate to the documentary's fundraising site, visit:

For media requests and sponsorship opportunities, contact Rudy's personal publicist, Jenna Sampson (760) 415-2403. 

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